Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thankful for Pine Trees

I was off on Monday and I realized as I spent the two hours raking the pine needles for free mulch that I wanted to think of five reasons I was Thankful for my pine tree. I had read a book about a month ago that suggested to write down 5 things a day to be thankful for, well that I did for about 4 days. I was thinking I needed to get back to that and I tranfered that thought to my pine tree in my back yard.

Now the first reason was the wonderful story I had read about pine trees at Easter making the sign of the cross. Now this in NOT my tree. You remember my camera is broken so I had to get this image off the web. I did see this way up high in my tree - I just couldn't get a photo of it.

In the summer I am very thankful for the shade this tree gives my house.
In the winter I'm thankful for the branches and pine cones I use in my wreath making.

In the fall I'm thankful for the free mulch.

I'm thankful for the green color the year round.
When you live in the mountains and winter brings it's grey tones the evergreens give you color.

I was thankful for the exercise I got raking.
I'm thankful for the birds that build their nests in the tree.
I found a nest of bunnies a few years ago under the tree.
I used to chase Zoey around the tree - a game I miss.
I'm reminded of how long the tree must have been there by the size.

Giving thanks made the time fly by Monday afternoon.

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  1. I love this post, I am thankful for you! What a wonderful photo with the crosses on the tree and I had missed it when you posted it last spring....I oohed when I saw them! Isn't it amazing how spinning an idea can bring such pleasure to an initially not-so-fun activity?