Friday, September 17, 2010

Unconditional Love

Zoey's last afternoon with me.

Unconditional Love... Zoey gave that to me for 10 plus years. I've been tearing up on and off all day today. I packed her up and got her ready to move to her new home. I realized that it was the unconditional love she gave me every day when I came home. So excited to see me like I was the best person in the world. I know she's going to a new home with people that love her, but I'm crying as I write this knowing my house is quite.

She sat still for this picture. You don't know that she never would stay still for pictures. I was rewarded with her good posture. I was reminded throughout the day that God loves me unconditionally. I sure don't deserve it most of the time. I need to give him more time in my daily life.

Here's the last shot I was able to get. John and Wanda will be richly rewarded. I'll miss her, but in God's timing I have an earthly man that loves me now unconditionally even though there are days I don't deserve it. Go hug those you love and tell them you love them. If you happen to have a dog give them a hug from me too.