Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday checklist

* Had a visit from the stove man and he can fix it to the tune of $400, but that's better than the other estimate for $400 and they guessed at what was wrong. This guy plugged in his computer and ran diagnostics just like a car or computer.
* I finished four pillow tops. I'm using the tear away and I like it a lot. I never got that percision before.
* I spent two trips to my Mom's to make sure she was OK in the shower and eating. This shingles thing has been rough for her. I fixed her a Thanksgiving meal from leftovers.
* Went to Wal Mart after the craziness to buy 1st sewing supplies and then a set of dishes for my Mom - the Corelle type so she won't hurt herself if she drops them.
* Did a lot of cutting for more pillow tops and planned a new design.
* Went out for a sub and to see Unstoppable. Good adventure movie. I get one chick flick a year with my husband so I make it be a good one.
* Vegged out some with my husband watching some TV
* This and that around the house all day.


  1. What a busy day! Aidan and I went shopping at 5 am--he wanted to see what "crazy" looked like. We were home by 7 and he simply said, "Well, that's enough Black Friday for me for the rest of my life" that kid cracks me up.
    I see you bought Corelle--I used to have those dishes. I liked them because they were lightweight and and they seemed to break in pieces (perfect for my clutz husband who broke dishes incessantly). One day, one fell and it shattered. As in, shattered into a million shards and I was still stepping on broken glass even after vacuuming it up! I remember clearly feeling the shards in my feet but they were too small to actually "see" and remove. HOrrific! Unless they've changed something, I'd steer clear of them!

  2. Oh no... I don't like to hear that. The one thing is she has carpet everywhere. I hope the carpet will help. I've known others that swear by them. Thanks so much for letting me know and I'll do some more research.