Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day Off???

6:45 get up
Start breakfast and coffee check and check
Take Mike to work check
Dishes done check
Laundry washed/folded/put away check
Freezer stuff put in cooler so they can work on it check
Look at blogs check
Two patterns traced onto tear away fabric check
Freezer fixed check
Call to arrange the oven man check
Post office mail and post card layout check and check
Bank to deposit karate money check
trip to Quiltery in Fairfield to get fabric starch and thread check and check
Wal Mart to get quilting pins check
Remember to pick up my husband's contact as I leave Wal Mart check
Eat lunch check
Rake up pine needles and spread around FREE mulch check
Two hours of raking counting for exercise check
It's only 3 Such a funny term day off
Watch the last 10 minutes of Devine Design on TV check
Talk to ove man and have him order relay part check
Pick up Mike check
Eat dinner check
Hem gi pants and top check and check
Fold and tie gi check and check
Load up freezer again check
Take shower check
Take notes on kata I still don't know (epic fail in the works) check
Go see the movie RED (excellent fun) check
Finish this list and to to bed check and check
9:30 I need to rethink what I do on my day off...


  1. Only 1 blog check in a day???
    Well...I am a few days behind so I can't be talking.
    How was RED? I want to see it!

  2. How is that a day off? Seems like a day at work will be a breeze after that!