Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday SEWING!

Yes that's what I plan to do today is to SEW... a new tradition. I'm was up at the crack of 8 when my phone rang and I can not seem to go back to after a phone call. It was an 800 number so I didn't answer and they haven't called back. DH meanwhile is still snoring away. Well I made my cup of coffee and reheated sausage cheese balls for a nutritional breakfast. I'm sipping my coffee and planning my day. I have to check on my Mom who was diagnosed with shingles on the upper right side of her face on Tuesday. It was caught soon enough that the great medicines they have now are helping. She's a trooper at 89. Watching TV is about all she can do right now with her right eye puffy and swollen shut. She's looking forward to being able to read again. Well after I run over there is morning I'll come back and work more on my Christmas projects. I'll get DH up and let him Black Friday shop as some of you may remember that my gift is a camera since I broke my last one. Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I wonder how much you got done today?

    I attempted since Hubby was home to help with baby...but then my machine broke again.

    I think it needs thrown out the window!!

    Hope you got lots done!

  2. I am excited to see photos posted with a new camera!!!! Happy Sunday, cutie! What was the message today at church?

  3. Oh my gosh Em. I just saw this. I've been under the weather with a sore throat. I called in sick today and now tonight my nose has been running and running. I hope I'm better Tuesday.