Friday, June 25, 2010


My passport is here. I didn't get a picture of it taken last night. Michael had been out of town so we went out to eat after church and just caught up with each other and went to bed. I was as I exercised at lunch yesterday. I'm looking forward to the weekend with not a lot planned for a change. We have been on the go for weeks. Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kimberly's purse FINISHED

OK so my camera was broken so I took these with my phone.
I had to get the purse to her for her special day.
Her birthday!
So here is the fuzzy side and top detail.

The pink bottom and the dot lining and the flower shoe holders.
She's going to use it to go dancing.

The pocket detail with the button.

The finished bag!

Monday, June 14, 2010

He's moved! and update

So my son moved Saturday down to Richmond. He's going to be living with one uncle of two uncles down there and his father is just across the river. Here's a picture of us a few years ago. I like this because we were happy and smiling and having a great time. He's on to a new life as my husband and I get ready to go to China. We got the house on the market. Oh my first fabric box is in it's new country. We just found out we might be going to another city than originally planned. Life's an adventure and I'm celebrating! The best thing today so far was he called and I said are you OK? Yes Mom I just wanted to tell you I Love You!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Boxes and Moving

Fabric... Stash... Needles... Books... Packed it's all packed and ready to be shipped. The 'Diva' went to my sister-in-law yesterday. My wonderful husband said I had to take only what I'm going to work on right away so three boxes of fabric are going to storage until I need them :( I can understand as the first box cost 120 to mail and will cost twice as much to ship back. I pulled some projects (sewing) that I haven't touched in years and have one box to go to storage. I pulled back half my books as with blogs and internet I don't need to ship that weight. Oh it's getting closer to the time. I've applied for my passport and I'm signing with a real estate agent tonight. My son will be moving in with his uncle this weekend. His father is across town and another uncle close by. Please pray that he'll be able to find a job and start school at the community college part time and not spend too much time away from going to church.