Saturday, October 23, 2010


So when I came home Friday I just wanted to crawl into bed. TDH said no fever I need to take you out to eat and then you can go to bed. We ran into one of my most favorite ladies at church (Shirley) and her husband. She's been going through chemo and they were going out to eat. I said I'm not hugging you and sat as far away as I could because she wanted to eat with us. She was saying after we ordered about how she was wishing she had french fries. Knowing she wouldn't order them because she wouldn't eat many I ordered them for her. She was thrilled and ate way more than I thought. She loved them. We had a great time. When Mike dropped me off I hoped in my pj's, watched the end of project runway on the computer and then say Yes to the dress on TV. TDH came home from karate which I couldn't do and we talked a little and then I went to bed. Saturday I took it easy and shopped for Mom and cut out my fabric to make tissue covers. I'll post on Monday.

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