Friday, October 15, 2010

No Picture Friday

Well it's been a great day. I took today off and slept late, really late for me. I ran errands which included buying a pad of newsprint do work on my Christmas patterns. I'm going to do some foundation piecing. I'm excited about it. Mike and I went out to eat with our pastor and buy some mums for the church and go to the store. You know the kind of trip when he looks in the cart and says we don't have much food in there. Nope we don't, but basics we needed almost everyone of them. I'm off so I'm away from my computer that has the software to upload pictures from my phone hence the no picture Friday. Have a great weekend everyone. I'll post pictures again on Monday.


  1. Um, I thought you already gave your machine away. How are you sewing?

  2. Oh I got it back. My sister in law gave it back to me to sew Christmas!