Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ode to Em

So the reason for the toes being cut and pampered was to go into my new boots! Well I shouldn't say new since they have been worn almost non-stop since they were bought weeks ago. I wear them with my skirts - my go to for work. They were not as fancy as some, just 39.99 at Target, but I LOVE them.


  1. Ode to Em--Em celebrates? those are exactly her style. Those are some seriously cute and versatile kickers!

  2. Yes the one and only Em that I know!

  3. I always think of Em when I wear my cowboy boots. Or my t-shirt with a skull on it. Actually, I think of her quite a bit - and I have you to thank for it; remember that first giveaway when you pointed me to her blog? Thanks!