Saturday, February 26, 2011


I'm sitting in a cool breeze with the window cracked opened listening to the birds sing. I've been enjoying reading blogs and such while getting better. I was reading something Victoria said and I put it together with something Bonnie Hunter told us at the workshop. That light bulb went off over my head. Yes I did buy someone elses scraps to learn how to play, but what I didn't do was manage them!!! I managed them to different sizes squares and bricks that Bonnie suggests and then bagged them. The scraps are now truely scraps. I'm going to be working on the dots, stripes, and plaids challenge Sunday. I realized I don't have any plaids and I don't have any reproductions. I have a little of everything else so I might pick up some fat quarters to put into my China box. I also have almost not solids. I love color and florals so much that I'll have to deal with that also.

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