Saturday, February 5, 2011


My Mom has not being doing well since her bout of shingles at Thanksgiving. She's going to be 90 in September. My sister came up from Woodstock GA and she has been evaluated and will be moving into assisted living. It been a tough decision. Well my niece was in town so we thought we'd get the family together. My sister Susan, my husband Michael (TDH), me, Mom, Lida (my niece), Dan Lida's special friend, Laura my sister-in-law, Chris my brother.
Here is a close up of the sibblings with Mom.
Here I am with my Mom.

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  1. Nice family pictures, especially the one of your mom and siblings. Where does your brother live? I feel like I've seen him before. Where will your mom be moving to? My mother will be 89 later this month and still lives by herself, but I see her going downhill a bit every time I'm there. She lives in East Tennessee - I'll be stopping there on my way up to Lexington and back when I come for the workshop this weekend. I think we were just near Woodstock last weekend at our nephew's wrestling match at Kell High School.

    Have a good week.