Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Toosday fun

It started with flowers being delivered from work and ended with ice cream. What could be better? I had a dinner and cake sent over after the flowers came. My sister came to visit as she is headed back to Georgia in the morning. Mom's update is that she is failing more every day. We know she'll have her medicines to make her comfortable and they'll encourage her to get out and about while she still can. While Susan was visiting my boss John came to check on me with his beautiful daughter Sarah. They brought me a card from work and wanted to make sure everything was going OK which it is. Not looking forward to Wednesday as I'm to get my stitches out if everything is healing OK. The stitches are what I feel right now. Everyone left and I got to watch NCIS and NCIS LA which is OK, but I really like NCIS best now the 24 is done. Mike came home from karate and fed me ice cream. All in all a GREAT TOOSDAY!

1 comment:

  1. Stitches are much more fun on a quilt.

    I like ice cream. Sort of. I hate it in the winter. But, I am glad that it made your day better! :)