Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wreath making

Boxerwood is a nature center and woodland garden just outside Lexington.
They had a pay $10.00 to use their resources to make what you wanted.
I was the third person there.
I made this after I saw a man make one for the birds.
I now have it on a feeder outside and the bagel fell of so since the rain has let up I'll get it hung up again.
This is the wreath I made for the house.
I went around and got one of each green they offered to make my wreath.
I found a nail on the wall and hung my grapevine base (which I made first) and started.
I added greens here and there and I LOVE it!
There is a red berry in the middle of the Magnolia that you can't see that well.
I'll put some nandina there with bright red berries as soon as I can.


  1. Judi those came out great! Love the Magnolia in there. Isn't it fun to make this stuff?!

  2. That would have been a fun class! I love what you have made!