Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I WON!!!

Check this link Em where I won this book! I got the picture off Amazon.
I'm going to play when I get this in the mail.

This is my PLAY picture. Love my tiara.


  1. This photo will be a classic forever! Love to you and I cannot wait to see what you "PLAY" around with from the book! Love, EM

  2. You so deservedly won!! And, you look so natural in a crown!! Are the other two your servants? Ha!
    Congratulations, lucky gal!

  3. These are my ladies in waiting NOT. The one on the left is in high school and the one on the right in college. They have been best friends forever and I adore them! I sing in the choir with them, and I'm there at church and away from the family connection if they need me and they have in the past.

  4. Looking forward to looking at your book! (once you've looked it over, of course!)