Tuesday, April 27, 2010


The story behind the proposal. It was Christmas eve day (Michael's favorite holiday) and my son (Ethan) and I drove down to Salem to celebrate with the Taylor's (Mike's sister's family). Michael and I went to Tokyo Express for sushi lunch. When we were done he said let's ride up to the Mill Mountain star. It was cold and snow was on the ground. We are looking at God's beautiful creation and he says to me that he has something more beautiful and I look down and there is an open ring box and he said Marry me? I say YES put it on. I kiss him and he says we have a lot to work out and I said yes, but not today. I of course call the key players on the phone on our drive back to Salem to celebrate with his family.

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  1. OK, now the photo with the Star in Blue Sky makes sense to me! Thanks for sharing your story!