Friday, April 23, 2010

Goal and Love Birds

My goal for this New Year in my life is to blog daily during the week so here it goes. I’m so excited to be the recipient of the wonderful love birds quilts from Em. I found that out a few days ago to be honest. Yesterday was all about me day and that took over my blog. Well a day or so after I found out about the Love Bird quilt I had gone to my desk in the back where I work and found a box and do you know what the wrapping paper had on it? Yes love birds so I had to take pictures and God Winks continued. Well look at this box – it’s a surprise wedding gift. I’m to take it to China with me and open on November 1st. She has this gift all planned out. So my philosophy of stretching things out like my birthday or wedding is continuing. I take a late well wish and say oh it’s continuing. Look for the joy in life. So you know what I’ll be posting around November 1st the pictures of said gift. Have a fabulous weekend everybody.

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