Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Holiday open house

To those in the Lexington Virginia area there is a Holiday open house for decorations that my friends participate in. They make beautiful floral arrangements. Here are the details Saturday December 5th 10am - 3 pm at Shear Destiny University Village 2427 Magnolia Avenue Buena Vista Virginia.

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  1. Well, first, you need to change your profile settings so people can EMAIL you from there. Then, go to the various links on that site and see what their giveaways are. If you are interested, you leave a comment. Some/most have a question they want you to answer. Others, just a comment. Some want you to do more, and I don't have time for more, so I don't. There are three lists, I think. I did the sewing/knitting link - mostly quilting stuff. Other lists have crafting supplies or handmade items. Let me know if you can't figure it out after trying that.